Awaken Your Beauty

As part of our ongoing pursuit to celebrate remarkable women of today, we want to build trusting relationships through the way we serve you. Giving you genuine,
honest and detailed diagnostic so you can be
empowered to make decisions; creating a safe and comfortable environment, as we serve you sincerely from our heart. This is how we want to resonate with you.

BMF was launched in 2017 from the unification of two of the industry’s best known names - Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline. With seven strategic and accessible locations around Malaysia, BMF was positioned as a one-stop beauty gym – a place where technology gives you the freedom to pursue a curated and precise rejuvenation regime rooted in science. A place where you walk out rejuvenated with confidence. We help you achieve your beauty ideals in an effective and long-lasting way, and our consultants will be there with you every step of the way, not only as professional advisors but also as your cheerleaders.

Our BMF center

Five years on, BMF has embraced a new chapter that cements our leading position in the professional beauty services industry in Malaysia. Our evolvement to
BMF – The Aesthetics People marks our belief that BMF is ready to stand on its own merit with its acronym, and our new direction and positioning reinforces our focus in using the latest technologies and tools to bring out your best aesthetic potential.

At BMF – The Aesthetics People, you will get to experience the best of beauty with our world-class and innovative high energy treatments that produce outstanding results - all while enjoying a pampering and enjoyable experience. You will be in the more than capable hands of our
professional team, who will take care of you with results-driven, holistic, and bespoke treatments.

Amy Quek CEO, BMF

Our Heritage

BMF is a unification of expertise from the industry's best-known names – Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline.

Today, we continue to cater to the modern woman by offering the latest treatments to bring out each individual's beauty potential – one that is defined and fully embraces the beauty, body and beyond approach.

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And that is why we are a beauty gym. It is a place where technology gives you the freedom to pursue a curated and precise rejuvenation regime rooted in science. Here, your every step is digitised for advanced diagnostic, consultation, and treatment processes. We are a place where you walk out rejuvenated with confidence, and a place you will look forward to.

To do what's only the best for you. So you find what you've had all along. A beauty awakened, defined only by you.

Our Mission: Bring to life the monarch of Beauty to women

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and bring to life the ever-modern monarch of beauty within every woman. Empowering them with a confidence that radiates from the inside out.

Our Philosophy

Fads and beauty hacks that tout fast results almost always overpromise and under-deliver. The best approaches are those curated for a precise regime, rooted in indisputable science, supported by cutting-edge equipment, and applied by trusted experts.

A Holistic Advantage

Our key strength is the ability to curate a precise and comprehensive approach to the rejuvenation regime, seamlessly executed to your needs and intentions. It is flexible, complete and well-thought-out, ensuring that what you started with us can also be taken to the comforts of your everyday life.

With us, you can find all that you need at one place and walk out feeling recharged and refreshed for a better day.

A Trusted Companion

At BMF, you will always be in the best hands. Our professional team includes skincare specialists, weight management experts, certified nutritionists, and experienced therapists. In addition, our team of specialists and experts acquire qualifications and skills by undergoing training courses to stay up to date with the latest knowledge.

At every step of the way, they will constantly monitor your progress and make relevant adjustments to keep you on track towards your desired goal.

Backed by Science and Innovation

Science and technology are the heart and soul of BMF. Our partner laboratories worldwide conduct extensive research and development into formulas and compounds, as well as test any new treatment for sustainable results, before we recommend them to our clients.

In addition, we constantly update our equipment to reflect the rapidly changing nature of beauty technology to ensure you always get the best.


At BMF, we care for your well-being by delving beyond the surface level and awaken your beauty from within. Guided by the 4R techniques, we strive towards giving you, your body, skin, scalp and hair the holistic care that you truly need and deserve for a total rejuvenation from inside out.


You deserve the best. Treat your skin & body right and it will treat you right.

The key to respecting yourself is in practicing consistent mindfulness of the daily needs of your body and skin as well as being alert and responsive to the indication of bodily changes.

Troubled by body and skin concerns? Speak to our Nutritionists today for tailored advice that is right for you.


Your skin & body is a biological machine that requires good fuel and physical activity to function optimally.

The development of a healthy skin, body and mind begins with a good diet plan, positive lifestyle habits and routines such as having quality sleep, sufficient exercise and moderated stress levels.

Obtain a better understanding of your skin & body through the analysis of your skin & body metrics by speaking to our Nutritionists today. Receive personalised advice on the determination of attainable goals and bespoke meal plans to work towards a healthier lifestyle.


Good hydration promotes a good circulatory and detoxification system.

Every cell, tissue and organ requires water to function properly; delivering essential nourishment, removing waste and stimulating regeneration and renewal from a cellular level.

Ensure your body and skin is getting the hydration it needs with our bespoke 360° Body and Skin Wellness Programmes that are specially designed to fulfill your needs and intentions. Speak to our Consultants to find out more.


Recovery is more than muscle repair; it is also the restoration of chemical and hormonal balance and mental state.

Self-care is essential in the building of a strong foundation that will carry you through the many milestones ahead in your life. By taking time out to focus on yourself and following through with structured skincare and body wellbeing routines, this nourishes your mind, body and spirit to a healthier, balanced state, naturally enhancing your physical appearance.

Create your self-care routines in the comfort of your homes with our series of homecare products. Find out more from our Consultants on which products are best suited for you.