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We believe that beauty starts from the inside out.
You harvest what you sow, same for the food you eat. The food that you consume plays a vital role in your overall well-being and health. Our team of certified nutritionists are available to provide professional advice on your dietary intake, customised according to an individual. Our Nutritionists are also qualified trainers and speakers. Participate in our interactive and educational workshops, to make nutritional learnings interesting.

Our team of nutritionists

Our team of experts come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but they all share a passion for nutrition. They will help you to map out attainable goals with customized nutritional plan to improve your wellbeing. If you are ready to make a healthy change in your life, talk to us today!

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Events & workshops

All About Oil Workshop

Did you know? Coconut oil, also known as a "superfood". It contains fatty acids that can bring positive effects for one's health and beauty such as fat loss, smoother skin and other impressive benefits. Click on the third image for the DIY natural lip balm recipe.

Wanted! Good Bacteria Workshop

Often known as the beneficial bacteria, probiotics are essential in optimizing digestive function and the absorption of nutrients. By adding probiotic superfood like kimchi into your daily diet can help to enhance your immune system, balance the digestive gut flora as well as fight against inflammation - giving you a healthier skin, better health and more effective weight loss. Click on the 3rd image below for the recipe.

Hearty Breakfast in a jar

Do you know overnight oats can help you lose weight and feel great? Packed with big flavours, healthy fibers and nutrients, our quick and simple overnight oats recipes make the perfect grab-and-go breakfast that keeps you on track towards better body goals! Click on the 3rd image below for the recipe.

A Rainbow of Health Workshop

Did you know? Our bodies benefit from variety of vegetables. And the most vibrantly coloured vegetables have the most nutrition. Take a quick break from your busy schedule and join us to discover a truly age-defying diet. Let’s outsmart your metabolism together! Click on the ingredient image below for the recipe.