[Head Topics] A beauty awakening

[Head Topics] A beauty awakening

By: Jason Lim

Date: 22.07.2019

A beauty awakening

IMAGINE a curated space where state-of-the-art technology enables the freedom to pursue a series of rejuvenation regime steeped in science to bring ou...

By using a 3D facial analyser, BMF is able to accurately craft a personalised skin treatment and BMF provides cutting-edge skin and body treatments that meet individual needs. — Sunpix by Mohd Amirul Syafuq Mohd Din

BMF is a unification of expertise from the beauty industry’s best-known names Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline, offering a wide range of holistic beauty treatments for skin and body, including advanced diagnostic, consultation and comprehensive treatment processes.

The pop-up reenacted what BMF Beauty Gym is all about; a go-to beauty destination for the busy urbanites, a place to sit back and relax under the intuitive touch of BMF’s professional therapists.

It’s in BMF’s philosophy that beauty treatments and therapies could also help celebrate momentous milestones in every woman’s life.

As she celebrates her role as a new mother, she too desires a much-needed moisture boost with the Stem Cell Phyto System and drains excess fluid and toxins with the Post Natal Rejuvenation care after an arduous nine-month pregnancy.