Our Nutritionists

Anak Sikep

Bachelor of Science Bioindustry (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

Pamela's philosophy in nutrition is shaped by the diverse experiences and challenges of her clients. She believes that each individual's journey offers valuable insights, allowing her to provide more personalized and effective nutritional advice.

Pamela Anak Sikep


"Quarter, Quarter, Half Plate Practice for Balanced Meals"

A key component of Pamela’s nutritional strategy is her 'Quarter, Quarter, Half' plate practice. This method involves dividing the plate into specific portions - one quarter for lean proteins, another quarter for whole grains or healthy carbohydrates, and the remaining half for a mix of fruits and vegetables. This visually simple yet effective approach helps clients effortlessly balance their meals, ensuring a varied and nutritious diet. It serves as a practical tool for portion control and encourages the inclusion of a wide range of nutrients in every meal, making healthy eating both accessible and enjoyable.

Celebrating Tradition Through Culinary Delights
While her professional focus is on nutrition, Pamela's pe rsonal passion lies in baking traditional Sarawak delicacies. This hobby reflects her deep connection to her cultural roots and her belief in the importance of celebrating heritage through cuisine. It’s a way for her to enjoy and share the richness of her culture, balancing this enjoyment with her knowledge of healthy eating.