About Us

BMF - The Aesthetics People

At BMF – The Aesthetics People, you will get to experience the best of beauty with our world-class and innovative high energy treatments that produce outstanding results - all while enjoying a pampering and enjoyable experience.

BMF - The Aesthetics People

BMF The Aesthetics People is a unification of expertise, from the industry's best-known names – Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline. Since 1987, we have continued to cater to the modern woman by offering the latest treatments to highlight each individual's beauty.

We aim to provide a safe space where clients are given the freedom to pursue a curated and precise rejuvenation regime rooted in science and technology. Here, your every step is digitised for advanced diagnostic, consultation, and treatment processes. We are a place where clients will walk out rejuvenated with confidence.

Our Mission

STAYING TRUE TO OUR PHILOSOPHY, BMF The Aesthetics People is committed to empowering women of today by fulfilling their beauty goals with our dedicated and tailored solutions. Equipped with time-tested techniques, breakthrough formulas and state-of-the-art technologies, we strive to work hand-in-hand with our clients and awaken their beauty from within.

To ensure we are constantly committed to our mission, BMF The Aesthetics People is further guided by 5 core beliefs:

  • We believe in enhancements,
    not transformations.
  • We strive as a team. We lift and support each other in every way possible.
  • We believe in being genuine.
  • We believe in guiding people to integrate wellness and beauty in our lives.
  • We believe the learning is an on-going process and that it never stops.
CFU Ultima For BODY
CFU Ultima For FACE
Fire & Ice
Indiba BodyCurve System
Indiba Bust Lift
Indiba Dynamic System
Pro-Freeze System
Venus Freeze Body
Venus Freeze Facelift
360° Illuminator Treatment
Advanced Propolis Treatment
AquaDew Pro
Cellular Age Reversa
Clarifying Treatment
Cryo Seaweed Treatment
Cryo Sebum Control
Dermal Bright Booster
Dermal Lift Booster
Diamond Renewal System
Essential Whitening Treatment
Glass Skin Illumine
HA Hydrating System+
Hydra Glow Booster System
Hydro-Ions C Treatment
InstaLift EMS Therapy
Laser Face Sculpting System
Photo Anti-Aging
Plasma Acne-Minus Upper Back
Plasma Age-Defying Therapy for Anti-Aging
Plasma Age-Defying Therapy for Brightening
Pure Blossom Plus
RF HA System
Skin Defence Therapy
Skin Exosomes Therapy
Smart Essence Delivery System
Stem Cell Phyto System
Teen Acne Facial
Thermal Seaweed Treatment
WishSkin Perfector+
Axillary Dynamic Sculpt
Bio Thermie Plus
Body Contour Therapy
Chi Massage
Chromo Light Body System
Deep Anti Cellulite Treatment
Deep Fat Reduction
Dynamic Sculptor Therapy
Electro Blanket Lymphatic Treatment
Fat Energizing System Lipo Therapy
Guam Body Treatment
Invirogating detox Therapy
Laser Sculpt Therapy
Lipolysis Redus System
Liposonic Therapy
Office Syndrome Relieve Therapy
Post Natal Rejuvenation
Power Body Sculpt
Sculpt Pro Therapy
Chromolift Intensive Eye Treatment
DEPILUX™ Hair Free System
Essential Eyes Treatment
Radio Frequency Neck
RF Yeux de Beaute Eye Treatment
Skin Perfecto
Venus Freeze Eye Treatment
Venus Freeze Neck